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Legacy Photo Services





If you are like most families, you have photos that are in assorted places:


  • shoeboxes

  • computers

  • phones

  • sticky photo albums

  • on the wall

  • in the garage

  • under the bed

  • cardboard boxes



And the list goes on. And if you're like most families, those family photos are your most treasured possession. If something were to happen to them, you'd be devastated. I know I would be.

That's what prompted me to become a Certified Professional Photo Organizer.

Eight years ago I became the guardian of all my mother's photos, which included both my grandmothers' photos. For me, it's an honor and a huge responsibility. I've been in the process of digitizing not only those photos, but also letters, cards, report cards, newspaper articles and any other scrap of paper that tells our family story.

And then there are those photos that have not fared well and should be restored. I also have a few of those. With today's digital technology, the results can be amazing.

Working with boxes of photos, albums or stacks of photos has become my passion.

I treat your memories as if they were my own. And your precious photos, slides and albums NEVER leave my possession. I do not ship them off to be scanned. I handle every single one myself! Your memories are safe with me.

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